Walking With Jesus
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How did twelve ordinary men become extraordinary? How did they become world
changers? The answer is simple: They walked with Jesus. This is what we are
called to also: To follow Jesus closely and to learn from Him.

This book takes you on a 40-day journey to learn what it means to be a disciple of
Jesus Christ. Embark on this journey through God’s Word and allow it to shape you
into what you were created to be.

learn meaning of

       - Salvation
       - Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
       - Hearing the Voice of God
       - Sonship
       - Baptism
       - The Fear of God
       - Victorious Living
       - Renewing Your Mind
       - Deliverance and Restoration

angus buchan

about Sias le Roux

This book is in the process of being translated into Xhosa

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